Reading List

Books I have read recently, I may or may not recommend them. For a more complete reading list, find me on Goodreads.

Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place: Refuge is a beautifully crafted novel. Williams emphasizes our connection to the land by blending together the story of the Great Salt Lake and her mother’s illness. I had to read it slowly to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

Bad Feminist: ***** (five stars) Everyone should definitely add this to your reading list.

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands: Don’t read this book.¬†This book was not engaging. The narrator jumped all over the place and the reasons behind her actions didn’t make any sense. She ran away from home and thought everyone would hate her because of something her father did? She supposedly had a very close connection with this little boy, but I was never sold on it. The worst thing about this book, was the telling instead of showing. She told us a lot of things that we were supposed to believe, but never acted in ways that convinced. Apparently she’s very intelligent but a classic underachiever. I saw no sign of this intelligence as her vocabulary was mostly filled with fuck, like, actually, etc. She also pointed out, very annoyingly, every time she used a big word.
Don’t waste your time with this books.

Under the Banner of Heaven: Read this book!!! Everyone should read it, but it is a MUST read for anyone who lives in Utah.

Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own: Read this! It is a great book for anyone looking to establish an independent life, single or in a relationship. I got the quote for the home page of my blog from this book. Yes, the quote is Mary Oliver, but I hadn’t heard of Oliver until this book.

A Thousand Acres: This book was well written, though I was never very invested in the story.

Everyday Sexism: ***** Mostly deals with sexism in Britain, but is applicable everywhere.

H is for Hawk: I loved this book. It was a sweet and sorrowful tale of loss and trying to find yourself again.