Date Day Turns Three!

I can’t believe that Date Day, a tradition started by Zach, in September of 2014 is three. They grow up so fast!

us cute


As mentioned above, Zach set up surprise date. It was wonderful; since that first date, we have gone on 36 consecutive surprise dates. We trade off months planning, everything is a surprise, and we can’t plan something that either of us has ever done before; and each date must include one activity and one new place to eat.

This month, we tried something new — technically, September is Zach’s month to plan date day, but for the last two years we have each always had the same months. Over and over. It is surprising how fast that got old, I was always planning something in December (lots of Christmas options) and Zach didn’t like having his date day fall in the same month as my birthday.

So, to switch things up, we made this September Date Day Anniversary Month — which is just my over-the-top way of saying, we planned September together and will switch months now. Zach will start with October and I will have all the months that he had last year. Keeping things spicy! 😉

For Mega-Date Day, we decided one thing — where we would go (Bellingham) and nothing else. That way, as we wander around the city the things we decided to do would be a surprise to both of us. From there, we took the day slow and just did things as they came to our minds — pretty much the most Zach and least Whitney way to do things.

But, it was wonderful and I am so happy that we are rolling into another year of date day, marriage, togetherness — all the things.




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