Seattle — One Year Later

One year ago, Zach and I moved to Seattle. We packed up our Escape and made the two-day trek to our new residence. We stayed overnight in a crappy hotel in Oregon, and made the rest of the way to Seattle the next morning. We arrived about noon. We got to our apartment before the property manager, but since the door was open, we went in to look at our new place.

first day

Who could cry while looking at that face???

I immediately sat down on the ground and started crying.

It’s not that it was bad, or even, not what I expected. It was small, yes. And, when I thought of all the stuff Zach would be bringing into it, it seemed even smaller.

It wasn’t home.

The next day, the aforementioned stuff arrived. Our apartment was stuffed to the brim with all the things Zach didn’t want to get rid of before we moved, or ever. We couldn’t walk — we literally had to carve a little path to get from one room to the other.

While, we eventually sorted through all the junk and after a few fights of what we were keeping and definitely not keeping (including a heated battle over three reams of printer paper) — we got rid of a healthy portion of it.

The last year was a year of ups and downs. I missed home. I was lonely. Zach was gone a lot — busy and trying hard at school. But, we also discovered some new places and made some great friends. I got a new job! A great job that gives me the opportunity to work with amazing people and learn new things.


Sometimes it can be pretty here.

Finishing this first year, I can’t help but wonder — what should I expect from the next year? I have been so hesitant to put down any type of roots here, but the fact is that for the foreseeable future we are going to live here. So, I should enjoy it. Just a little.

For the beginning of year two in Seattle — I want to focus on building friendships, continuing to love my job and exploring the area with Zach. I have learned that I am allowed to let myself be happy — I can put down roots here and build a life, and still miss home.

I hope year two builds on what Zach and I started last year. And … when I say “I hope” what I really mean is I will take active steps to make this happen.


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