Beef to Beans


Is this a real board game?

I don’t normally write about my vegetarianism on my blog. I’ve learned, over the years, to not, “shove it in people’s faces.” That’s frustrating enough. The self-righteous (and highly-combative) side of me thinks, “I’m doing something healthy for my body and the planet, it aligns with my beliefs and I’M THE ONE WHO HAS TO SHUT MY MOUTH?” But, yes. That is usually how it has worked — I am the obnoxious vegetarian.


But, today I read an article by The Atlantic about how making one simple switch could get the U.S. legitimately close to meeting the emission goals set for 2020 without any other major changes (though if we could get with the program, that would be great). The switch — eat beans, not beef. If you don’t like beans??? Just stop eating beef and eat something else …


This isn’t even asking you to go vegetarian (because that would be CRAZY). You could still eat chicken, pork, eggs, cheese — whatever.

This is (or should be) appealing for a couple of reasons 1) it is personal, not policy, driven change 2) it is a small change in diet that can make a big impact on your physical and global health (cutting back on global meat consumption is one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions).

I know a lot of people won’t make this change, even though it is simple. Even people who are aware of and alarmed by climate change. This makes me so sad. A lot of things have been making me so sad lately.

Can’t we stick it to the man and eliminate beef???


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