No Wine-ing

About six weeks ago, I decided that I was going to run the Huntsville half in September and the Portland Marathon in October .

As part of kicking off training, I decided that I would stop drinking — for a whole 30 days! Practically, unheard of. Seriously, I really love my evening glass of wine.

Today is day 27.

Every day of the first week was the hardest day; it got easier after that. Zach and I went camping and I wasn’t even tempted when he cracked open a beer by the fire. We went to New Mexico for a weekend and I flawlessly made it through while everyone else enjoyed beer, wine and of course, margaritas.

I don’t know when unwinding in the evening became synonymous with a glass of wine. I don’t know when adding that bottle of wine to the grocery store became a part of the routine. I think a large part of it is moving to Seattle. I’ve been spending a lot more time indoors (thanks, rain!) and a lot more time at home in the evenings watching TV (thanks, not having that many friends!).

I didn’t think that the amount of wine I was having was hurting my life, but I did think that I as I started training it couldn’t hurt to cut back either. It is pretty common knowledge that wine, or any form of alcohol, interferes with your sleep patterns and I also read as part of training preparation that alcohol slows the rate of your muscles’ recovery.

So, back to today — day 27. After a long week at work, I almost gave up. But, thanks to the work I have done over the last month I know that a long run will go a lot further (and farther!) in the long run ;).


Santa Fe and an Airport Adventure


A couple of weeks ago we made a last minute decision to go to New Mexico for my cousins’ high school graduations. We weren’t planning on going, but my older brother kept asking me. I couldn’t say no. I miss everyone.

And, Zach has never been to New Mexico to see my family, something that was definitely long overdue.

In short — we had the greatest time. It was great being with my family. And, Gabby, my cutest niece in the world, is growing up so fast! She is talking like crazy and is as spunky as ever. She calls me Aunt Weeet — with a high pitched E and a very soft T at the end.

The trip was really wonderful. We explored Santa Fe, and went to Meow Wolf an, “art amusement park, built by an arts collective called Meow Wolf and largely funded by a surprising benefactor: George R.R. Martin.” It was fun. I had never heard of it before, but Zach’s friend highly recommended it.

Since the trip went off without a hitch, it goes without saying that something had to go wrong on the way home.

We got to the airport early, after spending the day downtown with my cousin Stella. But, about five minutes before our plane was going to load, the attendant announced that the flight had been delayed. I instantly started worrying since our layover time was only about 45 minutes; so we were cutting it close anyway.

We spent an anxious hour waiting for news about the plane and wondering whether or not we would make it back to Seattle that night. I thought about emailing my boss to let the team know that I wouldn’t be there in the morning, but decided to hold off until we got to Phoenix. We decided, if anything, we would spend the night there to give ourselves a chance of making it to Seattle in the morning.

When we finally got on the Phoenix flight we saw that our Seattle flight had been delayed as well. We had the tiniest hope that we might make it back that night! When we landed, Zach checked where the flight to Seattle was taking off — D9.

As soon as we got off the plane in Phoenix we took off running to make the flight. I swear, we ran all the way across the airport. It took forever!

As we neared the D terminal it became pretty clear that there was no one there; there wasn’t even a D9. I looked at Zach, “Which gate did you look at…?” He looked very confused.

I pulled up our flight information on my phone, D9 was the ARRIVAL gate. In Seattle. We were supposed to be in the A terminal for takeoff — back across the airport. I nearly collapsed in exhaustion. It was way past my bedtime and I had just run across the airport to a catch a flight at a gate that didn’t exist.

Begrudgingly, and near tears, I grabbed my bags to run all the way back across the airport. I was ready to be done. Screw getting back to Seattle. I could sleep on the airport floor.

As we ran a few helpful, and highly amused, airport workers shouted to us, “The shuttle is coming!” We kept running and a few minutes later one of those zippy airport cars came by to pick us up. Gratefully, we sat down. Only to spend the next five minutes listening to the driver as he told all about what he had seen, “I knew you were going the wrong way!” he said laughing. And looking at Zach, “I saw you take your flip flops off so you could run faster!”

Apparently, he had to make another drop off before he could pick us up … so there was no way he could have prevented the spectacle we had made. All he could do was watch and then tell us all about it. Lovely.

Long story short, we made it home about 3am and I was back to work that morning, groggy and grumpy.


A Weekend in Hell

After two busy weekends, one with a quick Canadian getaway and the other an eventful weekend in New Mexico, I really just wanted some time to relax.

I got that this weekend, but not in the way that I wanted. Friday went really well, we celebrated a friend’s birthday downtown. Zach had quite a few drinks, and I was the designated driver. Aside from a sip of prosecco for a birthday toast, I didn’t drink at all.

So, when I woke up incredibly sick Saturday morning I felt robbed. The minute I opened my eyes I had a throbbing headache. I tried to take a couple of Aspirin and go back to sleep, but it didn’t even touch the ache. It dawned on me that I was dealing with a migraine — the WORST kind of headache. I get them one to six times a year, depending on stress levels, amount of sleep, etc. Typically, I can tell if I have triggered one or if one is coming and head it off.

This one shocked me though. I have been feeling a little “off” for about a week and a half, but for the most part have really been taking care of myself. I have barely been drinking (i.e. not at all) since I started marathon training three weeks ago and have been eating healthy. The only real issue was how late our flight got in last weekend and maybe a few rough nights when I couldn’t fall asleep.

By 10am on Saturday, I was drenched in sweat and had thrown up from the pain. Luckily, Zach took care of me as best he could. While I was curled up in bed, he looked up what other painkiller would be OK to take with Aspirin. While I was in a haze, he slipped a couple of Tylenol in my mouth and had me take a sip of water. The combo of the two painkillers worked and I was able to sleep until about three in the afternoon.

I woke up feeling better; meaning that my head no longer hurt, but my body felt like it had been hit by a semi-truck. Anyone who has had a migraine knows what I’m talking about. They leave you feeling drained, exhausted and weak.

So, yeah. After a couple of crazy weekends I finally got some rest. Forced rest. If there is any takeaway from this blog post, it is that the body has limits and when we don’t listen to them, when we just keep going and going — there are prices to pay.


Zach’s Birthday Adventure

Zach and I have had a very busy couple of weeks being traveling fools!

On Memorial Day weekend, we took a quick trip up to the Gulf Islands in Canada. We celebrated Zach’s 32nd birthday in style by taking a kayak tour off Vancouver Island and to some of the smaller islands nearby. We really wanted to see whales, because of course, but were not that lucky.

We did see a few cute seals, a family of sea otters and some porpoises. Not bad 🙂 But, since we didn’t see whales or orcas, I guess we are going to have to go back.

seal kayak

While seeing the wildlife was wonderful, Zach’s favorite part of his birthday kayaking tour was something else entirely.

In our small kayaking group was a family of four and a grandma. From the very beginning the grandma said that she didn’t want to be there and was only participating because her son was forcing her. Unhappily, she boarded the double kayak that she was sharing with an instructor and off we went.

Things were going smoothly until the teenage daughter almost ran into my kayak. She should have just let us bump, but instead she overcorrected and went down. Her entire kayak flipped over and she came up sputtering. Luckily, our guides were wonderful and calm. They helped her into their kayak and started to drain hers of its excess water.

The only non-calm one was the grandma. She started screaming at her son, “I don’t want to be here!” Her pleas to leave quickly escalated into threats, with her telling her son that she wanted to drown him. Zach had to turn his kayak around so that no one would see how hard he was laughing at the whole scenario.

After that entertaining fiasco, one of the guides took us away from the group so that we could experience a little bit more and not be held back by the screaming grandma or kids.

It ended up being just the three of us heading out to different islands and kayaking through the tides. By the end of the day my arms were exhausted but it was worth it. We had a great time.

The Gulf Islands are beautiful and if you ever have the chance, you should go. And, if you are so inclined, take a kayak tour through Blue Dog Kayaking.

After our weekend away, we went away again. This time to New Mexico! I will write all about that in the next post, so that this one won’t be too long.