My Very First Snow Day


It is snowing here in Seattle, which is not something that occurs often. We have just a few inches of snow and the flakes are the soft and fluffy type that everyone loves. It isn’t a bad storm. It is a nice storm. However, since this is Seattle, where it rarely snows, everyone is losing their minds.

Every single one of my friends here has posted some version of, “Look at this Winter Wonderland!” or, if they are not Seattle natives it is closer to, “Can you believe the city is shut down for this sh*t?”

I’m on the “can’t believe they shut everything down” side, but it is still kind of nice. The city looks beautiful and the University of Washington canceled school, so Zach is parked on the couch for the day.

I have never had a snow day before. Northern Utah will not shut down for anything. When I was a junior at Weber State University, there was a big snow storm rolling in that everyone nicknamed, Stormageddon. I had an evening class that day and was hoping that I wouldn’t have to go. Driving up the side of a mountain in a snow storm in the dark in my little Toyota was not my idea of fun. But, they didn’t cancel so I still had to go. I passed car after car that had slid off the road on the way to class and had my fair share of scares.

The next year, there was a massive windstorm. Winds reached up to 102 miles per hour. Trees were blown over and I was blown halfway across campus. Some very nice stranger, had to grab my arm and walk me into a building. He literally pulled me up off the stairs that I was braced against and took me into the student union building.

I think they technically canceled classes that day, but they wouldn’t let us leave the buildings since it was deemed too dangerous with all of the debris in the air, so I still had to go to class. Since I went to all of my classes that day anyway, I don’t count this as a day off.

I’m not sure that I can count today either. Since I don’t work in an office here, it isn’t really a snow day for me. But I really want to count it anyway because I’m 26 and … SNOW DAY!



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