Maybe I Do Hate Seattle.


Just kidding. I don’t actually hate it here. But, I do hate that I woke up this morning and both of the bikes were gone. Yep. They were locked up right by our front door on the third floor. Some really mean person had to make an effort to steal them. They even had to walk up stairs.

Either that, or they escaped on their own and are now happily living in a bike paradise where the pavement rolls on forever and there are no flat tires.

So, that was a pretty bad start to week two. Up until this point, everything with our move and adjustment to Seattle has been wonderful. WONDERFUL. I could focus on that fact and not this one bad thing, but!!! I choose not to. I’m choosing to focus on the shitty fact that someone stole our bikes! WTF.

Screw you bike thieves. I hope something bad, but not like, lethal or permanently maiming, happens to you really soon.



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