Date Night Turns Two!

Every once in awhile, I write about our date night tradition. Last year, I wrote about how Zach took me to get a tattoo and how I took him to Lagoon, and he got sick. Fun stuff! I also wrote a post about the first year of date nights wrapping up. I can’t believe that was a whole year ago, because people, date night just turned two! We finished another year of wonderful, secretly planned dates and it went by in flash.

Last year for August’s date night, I took us to the Tracy Aviary. It was the first time either of us had been there and the place we would eventually get married. This year, for August I was lucky enough to plan the first ever date night we’d have in Seattle. It turned into more of a date day with us going to see the Graphic Masters series at the Seattle Art Museum and having a fancy lunch at Pike Place Market.


We had a great time and while it won’t have the same impact on us as the Aviary did, obviously, it will always feel special to me as our first “real” date here in Seattle.

The masters have truly earned their names, we saw works from Picasso, Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya and Horgath.  Goya stood out from the rest as my favorite. His work is detailed and clever, so it really hits home. It’s amazing to me that his Los Caprichos series, done over 200 years ago, is as relevant today as it was then. Though, I suppose that means we’ve learned nothing?


Francisco Goya, As far Back as His Grandfather, 1799

After the museum we went to lunch a French restaurant called Maximilliens. While the food was good, I really picked it for the view. The dining room and outdoor patio both face the Puget Sound, so we could enjoy our meal while looking out the water. It was the perfect date. 

At this point, I would love to include a list of the past year of date nights, like I did last year. However, we really suck at writing things down. When we looked over our list this morning, we realized that we only had about half of this year’s date nights written down. We promised ourselves and each other to do better at writing down all of year three’s date nights, so next year’s round up can be an actual round up and maybe give all of you some great ideas for when you come and visit us here ;).



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