We Didn’t Die in the First Week

We made it to Seattle! It’s been … pretty OK! I don’t hate it. So far, there are quite a few pros to accompany the cons.


View from campus.

First pro! There are a ton of great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in walking distance. Second, there are a lot of things in walking distance! I love walking and I hate traffic/commuting. From our apartment, Zach can walk to school and I can walk to food. It’s great!

Other pros:

  • It’s relatively cooler here than Utah.
  • It’s gorgeous.
  • The campus is pretty!
  • Zach is here.
  • It is pretty relaxed! (especially compared to Utah)

Even though it has been great here, not everything is perfect. There are a few cons, but surprisingly, our small apartment is not one of those. Our small apartment is giving me a reason to finally get rid of all the junk Zach has collected over the years. I know it sounds mean, but you can go back to this blog post to read about it in detail. If you, like most people, don’t want to read about it in detail, the synopsis is this: Zach has a lot of stuff, most of it useless. For example, stacks of magazines from 2007 that he hasn’t read yet, but wants to.



  • Our apartment is LOUD! It is right by a busy road, and we’re on the corner, so we hear EVERY CAR that drives by.
  • People also honk a lot here. We don’t know why yet. Maybe it’s just a thing people do every time they drive by our place. To say hello.
  • It’s kind of dirty.

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