The End Is Here (Or, Getting Ready to Move Part 2)


Today is my last night at home. I’m so sad to leave. I know that once Zach and I are settled in Seattle we will probably love it. I know that having time to explore and have our own space will be good for us. But for now, until that happens, I just feel sad.

We said goodbye to my parents on Friday morning when they left for their thirtieth wedding anniversary trip. I had a couple friends come by this morning for last minute hugs.Tonight we said goodbye to Ryan, Lindy and Gabby. I think Nick is coming over later to say goodbye,and I’ll go on my last run through the neighborhood with Kevin at 9 after it cools down.

I know all of these lasts are leading up to wonderful firsts for Zach and me. But, like I said, it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Since I moved back from California almost three years ago, my life hasn’t been perfect, but nearly so. I’m so glad for the time I got to spend with my family, to date and marry Zach, and to work at a wonderful place where I met some people that I want to keep in my life forever. I’m so lucky that I have some many wonderful things in my life that make saying goodbye so hard.

Thanks for being my friends and support, and making the last few years wonderful. The following years are going to be wonderful too, but these years, in between coming home and leaving again, will always be some of my favorite.

Goodbye, Utah. Catch you on the flippity-flip.





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