Maybe I Do Hate Seattle.


Just kidding. I don’t actually hate it here. But, I do hate that I woke up this morning and both of the bikes were gone. Yep. They were locked up right by our front door on the third floor. Some really mean person had to make an effort to steal them. They even had to walk up stairs.

Either that, or they escaped on their own and are now happily living in a bike paradise where the pavement rolls on forever and there are no flat tires.

So, that was a pretty bad start to week two. Up until this point, everything with our move and adjustment to Seattle has been wonderful. WONDERFUL. I could focus on that fact and not this one bad thing, but!!! I choose not to. I’m choosing to focus on the shitty fact that someone stole our bikes! WTF.

Screw you bike thieves. I hope something bad, but not like, lethal or permanently maiming, happens to you really soon.



Bread > Pants


A few years ago, I made a loaf of bread every day. I had my own sourdough starter that I fed and obsessed about. When you fall into bread making, it is a deep and well-scented rabbit hole.

I might be falling down that hole again, but not quite as deep. It started with me telling Zach about my bread making past and him saying, “WTF?? Why haven’t you ever made this for me before?”

14102592_10111462349626354_8387245464720621376_nSince that conversation, I have been making bread using the Lahey method and variations of it. I’ve abstained from using my own starter because I do not want to invest that amount of effort and concentration right now, so this is a very nice in between.

The thing about sourdough and slow rise loaves, is the personality in them. Every batch can take on a life of its own and be completely unpredictable. You can follow the same steps two days in a row and come out with two completely different loaves of bread. It all depends on the elements during the rise; like temperature changes, the amounts of time you let it sit between each step and how much you handle it throughout the overall process. You can try to control these many variables and still, the results will vary.
It is fairly common knowledge that baking is a science, while cooking is an art. Typically, when you bake, you follow carefully measured and specific instructions. When you cook, you have more freedom to experiment and substitute ingredients in and out as you see fit. I think true bread making (not machine or quick rise) is the one place where these two forms come perfectly together.


Right now, I’m letting my loaves rise anywhere from 18 to 48 hours. The longer you let it sit, the better your sour will be, however the longer you let it sit, the higher the chance that something could go wrong and your loaf be a complete failure of wheat and yeast!

I’m having fun and it’s great to have a project that is non-work related to think about while Zach is gone and off to school.

Now that I have bread to keep me company there’s a strong likelihood that my pants won’t fit the next time I decide to wear any.

Date Night Turns Two!

Every once in awhile, I write about our date night tradition. Last year, I wrote about how Zach took me to get a tattoo and how I took him to Lagoon, and he got sick. Fun stuff! I also wrote a post about the first year of date nights wrapping up. I can’t believe that was a whole year ago, because people, date night just turned two! We finished another year of wonderful, secretly planned dates and it went by in flash.

Last year for August’s date night, I took us to the Tracy Aviary. It was the first time either of us had been there and the place we would eventually get married. This year, for August I was lucky enough to plan the first ever date night we’d have in Seattle. It turned into more of a date day with us going to see the Graphic Masters series at the Seattle Art Museum and having a fancy lunch at Pike Place Market.


We had a great time and while it won’t have the same impact on us as the Aviary did, obviously, it will always feel special to me as our first “real” date here in Seattle.

The masters have truly earned their names, we saw works from Picasso, Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya and Horgath.  Goya stood out from the rest as my favorite. His work is detailed and clever, so it really hits home. It’s amazing to me that his Los Caprichos series, done over 200 years ago, is as relevant today as it was then. Though, I suppose that means we’ve learned nothing?


Francisco Goya, As far Back as His Grandfather, 1799

After the museum we went to lunch a French restaurant called Maximilliens. While the food was good, I really picked it for the view. The dining room and outdoor patio both face the Puget Sound, so we could enjoy our meal while looking out the water. It was the perfect date. 

At this point, I would love to include a list of the past year of date nights, like I did last year. However, we really suck at writing things down. When we looked over our list this morning, we realized that we only had about half of this year’s date nights written down. We promised ourselves and each other to do better at writing down all of year three’s date nights, so next year’s round up can be an actual round up and maybe give all of you some great ideas for when you come and visit us here ;).


We Didn’t Die in the First Week

We made it to Seattle! It’s been … pretty OK! I don’t hate it. So far, there are quite a few pros to accompany the cons.


View from campus.

First pro! There are a ton of great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in walking distance. Second, there are a lot of things in walking distance! I love walking and I hate traffic/commuting. From our apartment, Zach can walk to school and I can walk to food. It’s great!

Other pros:

  • It’s relatively cooler here than Utah.
  • It’s gorgeous.
  • The campus is pretty!
  • Zach is here.
  • It is pretty relaxed! (especially compared to Utah)

Even though it has been great here, not everything is perfect. There are a few cons, but surprisingly, our small apartment is not one of those. Our small apartment is giving me a reason to finally get rid of all the junk Zach has collected over the years. I know it sounds mean, but you can go back to this blog post to read about it in detail. If you, like most people, don’t want to read about it in detail, the synopsis is this: Zach has a lot of stuff, most of it useless. For example, stacks of magazines from 2007 that he hasn’t read yet, but wants to.



  • Our apartment is LOUD! It is right by a busy road, and we’re on the corner, so we hear EVERY CAR that drives by.
  • People also honk a lot here. We don’t know why yet. Maybe it’s just a thing people do every time they drive by our place. To say hello.
  • It’s kind of dirty.

The End Is Here (Or, Getting Ready to Move Part 2)


Today is my last night at home. I’m so sad to leave. I know that once Zach and I are settled in Seattle we will probably love it. I know that having time to explore and have our own space will be good for us. But for now, until that happens, I just feel sad.

We said goodbye to my parents on Friday morning when they left for their thirtieth wedding anniversary trip. I had a couple friends come by this morning for last minute hugs.Tonight we said goodbye to Ryan, Lindy and Gabby. I think Nick is coming over later to say goodbye,and I’ll go on my last run through the neighborhood with Kevin at 9 after it cools down.

I know all of these lasts are leading up to wonderful firsts for Zach and me. But, like I said, it doesn’t feel that way right now.

Since I moved back from California almost three years ago, my life hasn’t been perfect, but nearly so. I’m so glad for the time I got to spend with my family, to date and marry Zach, and to work at a wonderful place where I met some people that I want to keep in my life forever. I’m so lucky that I have some many wonderful things in my life that make saying goodbye so hard.

Thanks for being my friends and support, and making the last few years wonderful. The following years are going to be wonderful too, but these years, in between coming home and leaving again, will always be some of my favorite.

Goodbye, Utah. Catch you on the flippity-flip.




There Are Two Babies in This House (Or, Getting Ready to Move Part 1)

The other day, Gabby was visiting and in a terrible mood. Lindy was holding her, but she was still fussing and being all-around grumpy to the rest of us. She didn’t want anything to do with me, my mom or her mom.

Then, Zach, her arch-nemesis walked by, “Zach,” she yelled, though it sounds more like “Aack.” He didn’t listen, so she shouted at him again. She crawled off her mom’s lap and walked over to Zach, standing in front of him and rubbing her eyes. He looked a little bit scared and said, “What do I do … ?” “Um, pick her up,” the three of us replied. So he did, and for the first time in 18-months, Gabby hung out with, snuggled and enjoyed Zach’s company — just in time for us to leave.

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We don’t want to be in this picture or your stupid wedding.

We’re leaving in just a few days, off on a small road trip and up to Seattle. Like I said in the last post, some days I’m not ready and it doesn’t seem like it is actually happening, but other days, I can’t wait to go.

Sometimes, I think it will be great for Zach and I to go exploring a new area and have some time, right at the beginning of our marriage, just to the two of us. We won’t have as many distractions around, so we will have to learn how to rely only on each other and build a whole new life.

At the same time, I’m scared that Gabby won’t love me anymore! I’ve worked SO HARD to become her favorite aunt, now that hard work is going to go to waste. I’m scared to pull up roots and leave my home, even if transplanting might be good for me. But on the other hand, what if I’m like an endemic species that can only flourish in one environment and dies in the other ones? Especially places like stupid Seattle that barely have any sunshine.

The best part of feeling this way, is that I feel ALL THE THINGS at one time. There are a lot of ups and downs in the span of 1 – 2 minutes. As you see, it’s quite the predicament. Zach loves hearing all my thoughts and worries about moving, especially the ones like this,