Traveling Fools

Since the wedding, Zach and I have been traveling so much!


We had our honeymoon, which was a wonderful eight day excursion to the Canadian and Montana wilderness. Once we got home from the honeymoon, we hit the road again right away, off to Colorado for a family reunion/trip with my dad’s very large, Hispanic family.

We spend most of the time drinking, boating and eating large quantities of delicious food, especially my grandma’s homemade tortillas. Whenever I try to describe my family to people, I always tell them to picture My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We’re loud, a little bit unorthodox, extremely loving … and of course, there’s a million of us.

Zach was a trouper! Though it is not a hard family to fit into, they’ll welcome you with open arms, no matter where you come from. While it took him awhile to remember everybody’s name (and he probably still doesn’t have it down), he jumped right in! Everyone loved him, and my Uncle Dan was pretty set on getting him drunk, doing shots of whiskey together.

The best part though, was our non-wedding, wedding celebration. Since so many of my aunts, uncles and cousins could not make it to the wedding, they staged a mini-wedding celebration at the campsite.

My Aunt Shirley got a sheet cake that said, “Congratulations, Zach and Whitney!” Rather than just serving the cake, she had us reenact our wedding day by cutting the cake and serving it to each other. I got Zach back for shoving the cake in my face on our wedding day, though it was significantly harder to get cleaned up at the campsite. After the silly, but fun cake cutting we did the La Marcha, led by my Uncle Lenny and Aunt Shirley.

The link is one similar to what we did, though not exact. You march in a line, with women on the left and men on the right, then you make a tunnel that everyone goes through. Eventually, the newly wed couple ends up dancing together in the center of a large ring while everyone dances and claps around them. It was so fun, though I can only imagine what everyone else in the campground was thinking as we paraded through the parking lot, blasting loud Spanish music from a truck.

I’m so grateful to have a loving family to welcome Zach into and I look forward to so many more fun and eventful family excursions together.


The first time seeing it written somewhere else.

After Colorado we went to Baltimore for the weekend for Zach’s college buddy’s wedding. Now that we’re back it seems the only thing left to do is pack and get ready for our next adventure in Seattle. I’m nervous and maybe not quite ready, but according to Zach I may never be ready to go … he’s probably right.


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