A Wedding and the Things

“I give you my hand. I give my love, more precious than money. I give you myself before preaching or law. Will you give me yourself? Will you come travel with me? Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?”


WE’RE MARRIED, GUYS! And, it’s pretty awesome.

At our brunch the morning after our wedding, my friend Christina asked me if being married felt any different. And, honestly, it does. Even though we’ve been living together for a year and a half, dating for two and a half, and known each other for five – this is a whole new stage.

The first and more superficial part of our “feeling different” is the enormous fact that the wedding is over. Leading up to the wedding we were both demons, mostly Zach! Which is significant. Usually, he is the most laid back person I know, but during wedding planning he cracked a little. We fought about the worst/dumbest things 1) which car to put the beer in 2) me Snapchatting and him saying he was going to delete the app 3) how long should the strands of cranes on our arbor be … Pretty ridiculous.

Now that it is over we can relax and enjoy each other – for the rest of our lives.

The second part is probably more complicated. I think it comes back to what Zach said in his wedding toast about the advice he got from my mom, marriage is committing to each other every day, not just on our wedding day. Our wedding day is just the beginning. Yes, we committed to each other publicly and celebrated with all of our family and friends, but more importantly are those days where we probably don’t like each other that much, but we commit to those days too. Marriage is all the days.

With the wedding out of the way, we’re enjoying our honeymoon in Waterton and Glacier National Parks. So far, Waterton is the most beautiful place I’ve been in my entire life. If you have the chance to come here, DO IT.

So far we’ve seen two black bears and a coyote. We also went to the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Alberta, one of the oldest, best-preserved and largest Buffalo Jumps discovered to date, the rest were destroyed during railroad expansion when the bones were dug up and shipped off for their phosphorous.

Tomorrow we are going to go on a hike from Goat Haunt back to Waterton and then have dinner at the Prince of Wales hotel. We might not have any more updates until we get back, but who knows how long I can go without writing.