Last week, Zach and I spent the week in Orlando, Florida!


I can jump SO high! 

It was pretty great and a family trip. Zach’s parents hosted all of us, and very generously flew EVERYONE to Florida.

One thing I love about Zach is how much we travel. This year, I’ve been to more places than probably any other year: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Yellowstone (Wyoming and Montana) and of course, England, Wales and Scotland. That’s not including our honeymoon to Canada, a trip to Baltimore for a wedding and our road trip through California and Oregon when we move to Seattle.

So, yeah. We’ve been traveling fools!

Florida was great! We went to Harry Potter world and got butterbeer, we went to Disney World and we swam with the manatees for Zach’s birthday!

While not everything about the trip to Florida was awesome, some things were! I loved getting to know my new, almost siblings-in-law a little bit better. I can’t believe that the wedding is coming up so quickly. This trip was a small reminder, as if living with my parents isn’t enough,that once Zach and I are married, it isn’t just about us: it is us as a family two, but also being a part of each other’s family. I feel better knowing how much fun and how nice my new brothers and sisters-in-law can be 😉




Yellowstone May 2016!

A couple weeks ago we went to Yellowstone. Zach pointed out that I hadn’t written anything about our trip, “You haven’t said anything about Yellowstone. You always write about Yellowstone.”

That much is true. We’ve gone to Yellowstone the last three Mays and once in September. Up to this point, I’ve written about it every time.

The first time we went to Yellowstone together, we hadn’t been dating long. Maybe a couple months? It didn’t feel weird to be taking a trip together though, since we’d already know each other pretty well for a couple years. I’d been wanting to go to Yellowstone for a long time, so when we started dating it just seemed natural to start having adventures together right away.

That first trip to Yellowstone was one of the best of my life. I’m sure part of it was twitterpation, but it was more than that. Yellowstone was the most beautiful place I’d ever been and I saw more wildlife in a short time than in my whole life, which seemed significant since I grew up in a very active, ourdoorsy family.

Since that first trip, we’ve had many more great experiences there and even learned a few lessons. For example, our first trip, we packed Zach’s Ford Escape to the brim with food and blankets. We ate like kings and had more food than we knew what to do with. These days, we can consolidate all our food to one small box and still have more than enough.

This May, my parents decided to accompany us. They had heard us rave for the last couple of years about how gorgeous Yellowstone is in the spring. And, it’s true. That is my advice to everyone. Go as early in the spring as you can. There will be less crowds and more wildlife to see — namely, babies.

The second morning of our trip, we were all driving around together. I saw a few cars stopped ahead. My dad wondered aloud what it could be, I answered him that since a ranger was stopped as well it must be a bear. No sooner had I finished my sentence than my mom screamed, “BABIES!!!!” And opened her car door before Zach could even stop the car.

Low and behold, there were two yearlings and a mama bear grazing on the hill just across the street from us! It was a wonderful first bear sighting of the year, and the first time my parents had seen bears so close (we had seen one a couple years ago, from a few hundred yards).

We drove around for a little while longer before seeing the real highlight of the trip … A grizzly bear eating a bison carcass. Close enough that we could see it without using binoculars or zoom lenses.

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All in all, it was a great trip and great to share it with my family. Especially since Zach and I consider ourselves to be legitimate experts of the park now 😀