A New Adventure

Zach and I went to Seattle this weekend. While our trip was technically a vacation, we had another purpose.

In January, Foster School of Business, at the University of Washington, accepted Zach into their program and offered him a scholarship. If you don’t know much about the program or the school, follow the link above.  I’m proud of Zach for finding a dream and chasing it, especially since it’s so pragmatic, am I right?

So, I guess this also kind of makes this post a belated announcement that we’re moving to Seattle this August … surprise … !

The school put on a Welcome Weekend April 14 – 16. It was essentially a weekend of being wined and dined (we ate and drank a lot). While I won’t give you a play-by-play of the adventure (hint: Friday was nearly 100% meetings), I’ll mention the highlights.


We landed around 12:30 and used public transit to get to our hotel. Seattle has an amazing light rail system. Yes, it is still relatively new and definitely a work in progress, but it is already leagues ahead of anything we have in Utah. For starters, our tickets were $6.50 total. TOTAL! For both people. In Utah two tickets from Ogden to SLC (about the same distance) would cost about 20 bucks.

After we got to our hotel, I was VERY tempted to take a nap, but decided that it was best to explore our new home-city to be. We ditched our bags in our room and took a walk through the neighborhoods.

The first thing we noticed was the diversity, which was especially apparent in the food options. In Utah, you usually have to wait for the International Festival to find different kinds of food all in one place. Here, they’re all together in one block.

Thursday’s real event was the Welcome Dinner, put on by the Foster School of Business. It was open bar and a vegetarian-less buffet. While I was hungry, I did talk to one person in the three hours we were there! Progress.


We started early Friday with a school hosted breakfast. It was mostly a parfait bar, but they had vegetarian breakfast sandwiches, finally Seattle was starting to get it together. After breakfast, meetings … we’ll skip this part.

4:00!!! We’re split into groups! Zach has to stay for more meetings, while I get to go with the Blue Dots, the spouses group, to the bar! Yay bars! We stayed there for about two hours, I don’t know what Zach was doing, but I spent my time continuing a conversation with the girl I had met the night before. Talking A LOT to just one person is my specialty in life.


This was the best day. We went on an awesome tour, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, if you ever go to Seattle, I highly recommend this tour. It’s funny and you get an inside look at some of Seattle’s more seedy history.

Post-tour we went to lunch at a Mexican joint. Once there, we and our new friends (a couple originally from Texas but now living in Salt Lake City), made it our mission to eat and drink our way through the Foster budget.

IMG_3112 2

The tacos are Zach’s.

Here is where the “we’re not in Kansas” moment hit me hardest. I’m not a city girl; I love small, clean, safe Utah more than anything. This whole weekend, while I panicked at the size of the city, I tried to convince myself that it would be OK and I was being ridiculous. That was, until, a guy walked by and started smoking crack right there in the alley.


Our friend posed for a picture, so it wouldn’t look as obvious that I was taking a picture. Though, do you think he’d notice?

I’m scared to move and maybe not ready to leave my bubble yet. I’m excited to explore a new city, but not excited to find a new job and set down new roots. Either way, I guess this is an adventure.


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